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Episode 003 – Steve Giralt

Suspend all the ingredients of a hamburger from a custom-made rig, fire the sauce from 3D printed catapults, cut the suspended ingredients, then let gravity take over as it all falls onto a benchtop, perfectly assembled and awesomely delicious looking. Sounds like a challenge yeah? Well, then customize a robotic arm, high speed camera, custom built lighting rig and self-coded hardware boxes to video the entire event in a fraction of a second. Add a little music and show it to the world in slow motion. That’s just one tiny part of what Steve Giralt does in his New York City studio. He calls it visual engineering. Never heard that term before? That’s probably because he is the only one in the world doing this amazing stuff.


Steve explains how he got to the point in his photographic career where he is basically re-inventing what it means to create both still and moving images. His philosophy around how is firmly centered in education and a ‘can-do’ attitude. Be prepared to be amazed and please, check out Steve’s work on his website and social feeds, it’s epic!


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