Foam Under Storm

I organised a weekend on the NSW south coast with a group of friends and, whilst we had great waves most of the time, on the last evening the weather turned. Still, we decided to go for a surf at a protected beach near Bendalong. I was trying to photograph a few waves and not getting much when the cloud thickened and the light literally turned off. I decided to throw in the towel and swim in.


At the shorebreak line I stopped to take a few more frames and ended up spending some time there, with the dark clouds above and the white foam contrasting well. Happy with the photographs I walked back up the hill, dropped the camera off and grabbed a surfboard to go and join my friends.


By the time I paddled out to the surf the sky had cleared just enough for a spectacular sunset. The wind backed off and two whales breached not far from where we were in the water. Knowing there was no chance of getting the camera again before dark I just allowed myself to enjoy the show…


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