The Collection Cave

A friend was in Papua New Guinea for business and found the local kids were surfing on dug-out tree trunks. He gave them the old board that he was travelling with and was instantly consumed by their excitement with a real surf board. Upon returning to Australia, he told me what happened and that he wanted to collect more boards to take over.


I immediately donated my own board and additionally put word out to my mailing list inviting others to donate their boards. Suddenly we had 200 boards. We received leashes & board bags. Somebody even called saying that their family owned a shipping company and they would donate the logistics to get the boards to PNG. It was a massive show of support from our community at large for their generosity to our surfing neighbours.


After I took the more conservative photos for the media, I bought 100 candles and tea lights and spent a few hours setting up for a photo in my own style. This photo was taken in the basement of my apartment building, otherwise known as “The Collection Cave”.


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