Dr. Hayley Watson – Episode 006 – Photographic Philosophy

Photographic Philosophy   Podcast
Episode 006 – Dr. Hayley Watson

As photographers, designers, advertisers and editors, we can drastically alter the images we share with the world. In photography, the line between reality and fantasy can so easily be blurred, or even totally removed.


I asked Dr. Hayley Watson to come on the show because I wanted to talk to a psychologist about the effects these images have on people, particularly young people. There is a common thought that ‘Photoshop’ is causing body image issues, but is it really? Or, is there more going on than that. People know that the stunts in a movie aren’t real, do they know that the images in adverts are just as contrived? Dr. Watson shares with us her thoughts and experience as well as what she thinks a photographic philosophy should look like.


This is the first in a multi-part series for this podcast, taking a behind the scenes look at the photographic industry through discussions with models, photographs, advertisers and psychologists.


It’s easy to preconceive where this conversation will go, but trust me it takes a few interesting twists, so listen in and enjoy.


Dr. Hayley Watson can be found here:


Joel Coleman’s work can be viewed here:


The YouTube clip I mention in the podcast can be viewed here:

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