Brooke Shaden – Episode 012 – Photographic Philosophy

Photographic Philosophy   Podcast
Episode 012 – Brooke Shaden

Describing herself as an intensely anxious, powerful little creative soul, who’s favorite memory was flying into the sky before losing her wings at the age of 5 and that her greatest fear is of whales. Brooke Shaden’s photographic themes are often dark, dealing with death, decay and a dark beauty. Yet with all the allusion to a darkness there is a very positive lightness to her work. Brooke is thankful, grateful, vibrant and inspiring personality, not the dark introspective soul that her image making suggests would be responsible for the style of her imagery.


Throughout the podcast, we discuss Brooke’s creative journey, books, travel and the amazing work she has done with people who have suffered at the hands of human traffickers in India and Thailand. We talk about her blog: ‘promoting passion’ as well as covering her (in my mind) bizarre fear of whales!


To see Brooks work work please visit:


And Joel Coleman’s work can be found here:

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