Glenn McKimmin – Episode 015 – Photographic Philosophy

Photographic Philosophy   Podcast
Episode 015 – Glenn McKimmin

Glenn McKimmin is probably one of the best placed people in Australia, possibly even the world to talk about the photographic industry. I say this not because I want to big him up to my audience, but because there are so many facets to Glenn’s approach to photography that include running one of (possibly) the largest framing business in Australia that specifically targets photographers and the work they produce. He has his own landscape photography gallery on the central coast of NSW, he also runs a premium photography tours business. If that’s not enough Glenn also started the Aperture Photographic Conference in Sydney this year, and has recently announced the 2019 event bringing some of the best photographers in the world together to speak in one location.


** Special offer for those wanting to attend the Aperture Australia Conference, use the code COLEMAN150 for a discounted price on tickets.


Glenn’s work can be viewed here:


And Joel Coleman’s work can be found here:

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  • Phil McNamara
    Posted at 05:24h, 11 December Reply

    Hi Joel, I have just listened to your fascinating interview with Glenn McKimmin, it was so refreshing to listen to you both talk about photography. I agree with Glenn 100% about so many aspects of photography today. I met Glenn in 2013 when I did a NZ photography tour with him ( it too had gum boots as a kit requirement) Glenn is genuinely passionate about the photography industry and wanting to make it better. I am the proud owner of one of Glenn’s prints and hangs with great pride in my home. I daily look at it and it always gives me pleasure (Mystic Light), not an Iconic location but the image give me great pleasure each day. I also agree with the thoughts about competitions, I have only ever entered on x 3 times with some mixed results, I have come to the conclusion after some reluctance to enter this years one to not enter any more competitions as I think they are too focussed on impressing other photographers. I want to enjoy what I do as a photographer and not shoot for a market or competition. I love the process of finding something new that no one else has done. There is so much the same and the awards always seem to go to a certain style. I was delighted to attend Aperture 2018 and listen to the individual stories of each of the presenters (inspirational), I’m looking forward to 2019 with ticket in hand. Cheers!

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