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Joel Coleman Podcast Welcome Episode

Joel Coleman  Podcast
Joel Coleman Podcast Welcome Episode

I hope you enjoyed the Photographic Philosophy Podcast I created over the last 18 months. While I also enjoyed it, there was something missing. I was talking about photography, speaking with professionals at length about their career and why they do what they do. But, for me, a podcast about a creative pursuit should be delivered with something creative. That was what was missing for me.

That being said…Welcome to the new version of my Podcast, now called the Joel Coleman Podcast.

I’m moving forward with a concept of interesting humans from all walks of life. Whenever an exceptional human crosses my path, that’s when we’ll create a new episode for the Podcast. Then, bringing in the previously missing ingredient, we will create an artwork together to distil their story into a single creation.

The kind of the people I have in mind for the show are stand-out people, whether they be activists, creatives, tradespeople, musicians, educators or anything in between.

I was once referred to as the guy who “does cool shit”. Now am intending to find other people doing cool stuff in their lives so we can collaborate to make even cooler shit together.

Join me on the next phase of this journey, there is no destination, just interesting stories and creative concepts. The only aim is to leave the world a little better, a little more inspired and a little more interesting.

Enjoy your day,
Joel Coleman…

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