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Fuchsia Sims & The Magic Travel Frog #001 – Joel Coleman Podcast

Episode #001 – Fuchsia Sims & The Magic Travel Frog

Today’s guest is Fuchsia Sims. We speak about life, tourism, population, adventure, travel and solving the world’s problems. Given that she works in adventure travel and is currently undertaking a PHD in the field, she has a lot to offer and serves it up with entertainment. Fuchsia is an incredible person with an energy that simply bounces around the room. Listen in as we bounce across the world and then get creative about an idea to turn her story into an artwork.

The feature image for this post is a sneak peek at the image we created together. The final work will be unveiled soon. If you are not on my mailing list, click the ‘show me more’ tab below to sign up to make sure you don’t miss out!

This is the first of the new podcast series where I have moved away from the formula of the previous episodes and opened the doors to a more relaxed conversation-cum-artwork-creation with the most interesting people I can find.


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