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Episode #003 – Dan Bekis – The Craftsman

Dan Bekis is a true craftsman. In this Podcast episode we talk about the concept of handmade artform compared to machine made technology, specifically in relation to the manufacture of surfboards. We dive into the impact that shifting manufacturing methods and locations has on an industry and why it is important to give time and space to the true craftsmen of this world.

This is more than a podcast about making surfboards, it is a look at where we are as a society and what it means to be a craftsperson in a changing world. We touch on politics and trade relations, photography, the environment and even a bit about music…

As always with this podcast, Dan and I then collaborate on an artwork, this time the manufacture of a surfboard where Dan did the shaping, glass work and colour and I created the artwork. It was an honour to wok with Dan, to be welcomed into his factory and to get a true insight into his process. The board is still a work in progress, but the podcast is ready to go. There are some progress shots below and I will be certain to share plenty of photographs when it is finished – and let you know how it surfs as soon as I get it in the water!

*** UPDATE – The board is finished, it looks incredible! Dan did an amazing job with the colouring and the shape looks epic. The board is an asymmetrical fish, meaning the tail shape is different on each side. The idea being that you surf differently depending on which way you are going (forehand vs. backhand). This kind of board is truly a custom work of art, designed for the person who will be riding it. If you are interested in something made just for you, contact Dan at DJB via the link below. I’ve posted detailed photos here, so you can see as much detail of the process as possible. As soon as the swell kicks in I will let you know how it surfs!

If you can’t see the photographs in your Podcast player, click through to the episode webpage


Dan Bekis
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  • Tom
    Posted at 08:28h, 11 November Reply

    Joel, NOW YOU’RE SHOWING OFF. Love it man, its breath taking.

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