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Episode #005 – Saif Almurayati – The Artist

Saif Almurayati fled Iraq whilst being shot at and bombed. He setteled in Syria for 8 years where he studied english literature and politics. A chance meeting at a market in Syria with the wife of an Australian diplomat saw Saif exhibit his artworks at a charity event at the Australian Consulate. This exhibition led to his immigration to Australia, where he now lives and works as an artist in Sydney.

We talk about art, politics, the world and the current Australian bushfire crisis. This is an epic story of a person who truly holds dear the value of living in a free, open society after experiencing the harsh reality of what a dictatorial regime is like.


For more of Saifs work please visit:

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Joel Coleman

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  • Denise
    Posted at 02:03h, 09 January Reply

    That was both heartbreaking and inspirational can’t wait to see the creation you two come up with

  • Greg Bridges
    Posted at 13:27h, 10 January Reply

    Awesome episode Joel. I enjoyed that one. Keep getting interesting people to talk to you. Greg.

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