Mark Kelly – Political Conversationalist – #006 – Joel Coleman Podcast


Episode #006 – Mark Kelly – Political Conversationalist

To complain about politics is easy, to do something about it is necessary…

If you are unhappy with your government, dissatisfied with the decisions they make on your behalf, frustrated in the way that the world is moving, then you need to listen to this Podcast.

What happened in the seat of Warringah (Australia) in 2019 proved there is no such thing as a political ‘safe seat’. Listen in as Mark Kelly joins me for an in-depth conversation on how an email to a few friends kickstarted a tsunami of support that managed to unseat a ‘rusted on’ politician. The movement garnered unprecedented support of a local constituency by simply opening a conversation on why change was necessary. It’s a technique Gandhi like in its simplicity. But its simplicity was its genius, and it worked.

The ‘Love Wins’ & ‘Lies To Create Fear’ artworks were produced by Kel himself as part of the campaign. They are now proudly on display in the office of Zali Steggall M.P.


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Joel Coleman…

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