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Episode #008 – Craig Stevens – What Happens When You Die

Craig Stevens joined me on the 11th of March 2020 to record an episode of the podcast about ‘what happens when you die’. Since then, as you all know, the world has changed into a very different place. At the time we spoke, we already knew about Covid-19 and what was happening overseas. I really don’t need to go into detail about the speed of how the world has changed since then. If you are alive, you already know that.

When I say we talk about ‘what happens when you die’ I don’t mean in a spiritual manner, I mean the mechanics of what actually happens to a body, where it goes, how it is treated and what the process is. Death, in our culture, is generally treated as something to be held at arms length and is sanitised by people who deal with funerals. Craig is one of those people. His down-to-earth, relaxed and completely respectful attitude made for one very interesting and eye-opening conversation.

The artwork creation that is the feature image for this episode is a true Covid-19 collaboration. Craig and I had a day scheduled to get together and create something. Then the social distancing and isolation rules came into play and we had to make another plan. So Craig took a self-portrait in his apartment and I did the rest. I hope you like it!

So listen in and find out exactly what happens when you die!


Craig’s business is Timeless Funerals

And Joel Coleman can be found

Thanks for listening. I wish you and everyone else good health in this very, very dynamic period of our species’ existence.

Enjoy your day,
Joel Coleman…

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