Miniature Silk One

The soft ‘hand painted’ look of slow shutter speed photographs is something I have always liked. Slowing things down to show movement while still maintaining the shape of the wave is a technique I have worked on for some time. This particular photograph is one of those moments where everything came together. The soft early morning light creating the golden glow through the wave, along with the smooth water surface conditions, made everything look amazing.


Working with slow shutter speeds when photographing moving water is often an experiment in patience as much as in photography. More often than not you come away empty handed, with nothing but a collection of blurry images. However, with persistence and a lot of practice you can learn to match the speed the subject is moving perfectly which gives the photograph the ‘hand painted’ look. Once the technical aspect of this style of photography is understood, it is a matter of waiting for the right circumstances to apply the technique. The shape of the wave and the angle of the light are the two most important factors.


Limited Edition – TWO REMAINING

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